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The hot spring business card , as Ya'an travel together to d

Wayn / 2013-12-17
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On November 19, Liaoning province travels the office and Anne City friendship travel office's holding Liaoning to travel to support Ya An to travel in Shanghai rehabilitation in the after-calamity market place Be heavy to flap job symposium. Anne City friendship travels bureau chief Li Zhi Qiang of the office, Li Ya Mei pair the bureau chief attend symposium, for ensuring to support Ya An to travel rehabilitation weigh flap the acquirement real results of job, is traveled by Liaoning province refer Liaoning province of bureau chief Wu Hong Jian in the office travel office inland publicity inflict a gold to set up carnaroon arch department chief attend discussion, male City is oversea international travel agency company limited general manager odd day Rui and Liaoning brighten international travel agency company limited execution general manager Lee America ginseng add the symposium concur speech.Set Cheap Jordan 6 Shoes up on gold of symposium carnaroon arch department chief representative Liaoning province tour bureau chief Wu Hong Jian in the office and Liaoning travel system vs Ya An tour the colleague don't lower the head in front of tragedy and overcome trouble heavy flap spirit and of market place the hardships that pays a proptosis effort show consolation, and vs in a short time tour market place of the rehabilitation result show admire, he says Liaoning and Ya An non obstante separate as far as a long distance Liaoning and travels the person feel Ya An to travel and resolve to succeed enterprising gumption and resolve, non obstante isn't a national pack of vs orifice support town.

Liaoning province travels the bureau chief Wu Hong Jian tie in office boss actors of one troupe highly value and support Ya An and travel a market place rehabilitation heavy flap a job, definitely require carefully chosen adjust and represent Liaoning the travel agency of traveling the image to match with Ya An and travel and recover, support Ya An's tour market place recovering have to be effective substantial push;The sibliing friendship integrate to support Ya An a tour heavy flap of in the job, pass a support realize to evolve mutually and hope that Ya An travels to have further high-quality wiring to recommend a visitor to Liaoning. Anne City friendship travels bureau chief Li Zhi Qiang in the office represent Ya An travel person, vs Liaoning province tour the office give Ya An tour heavy flap of support strongly a show with gratitude, and set up toward the gold carnaroon arch department chief an after-calamity tour market place that recommended Ya An to travel in detail heavy flap condition and the correlation committed to work, laid equal stress on to click to recommend Ya An a tour,such as giant panda, and tea cultural...etc., to only have the tour resource and tour product of superiority. After symposium ends, Anne City friendship travels difference in the office and the oversea international travel agency of male City, Liaoning brightenned international travel agency to initial rehabilitation support in the market place consortium agreement, since this year's winter tour the as agreed upon is the biggest inside two Liaoning provinces, have the travel agency of influence power in the market place in the northeast region will particularly expand Ya An giant panda ecosystem the exquisite article visit and the seepage spring health visit.

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