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The 2012 China tourism e-commerce conference a month future

Wayn / 2013-12-16
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2012 china travels the tour high peak forum of electronic commerce congress and intelligence will soon on June 19-hold in Shaoxing, Zhejiang on June 20.This 2012 tour electronic commerce congresses in china from Zhejiang province travel office, Shaoxing City people's state sponsor, Zhejiang province travels information center, Shaoxing City to travel committee, Shaoxing City to travel clique and Zhi trip dynamic force to undertake together.Chinese electronic commerce association is this conference to instruct unit. The tour electronic commerce congress is sponsored by the Zhi trip dynamic force, devote one's mind to travel information-based, tour electronic commerce and tour network marketing alternating current, emphasize true war technic and carry camp experience go shares.Have already won to hold super - eight conferences before now, a conference contents and fair alternating Cheap Jordan 10 Shoes current atmosphere that takes orders a professional practicality were widely subjected to industry good reputation.The tour electronic commerce congress of two kilowatt hours has become industry to widely knot private's friend and discuss the important bench of traveling the industry and becomes the wind direction indicator of the inland tour electronic commerce industry shape annually.

The cardinal contents of this conference is intelligence tour and tour electronic commerce, the bench Wei will separate aim at sex to establish two assembly marks sur the conference contents .Particularly the intelligence tour field will share the related intelligence travels of structure and display, scheme design, actual casus etc., included to travel wise operation of various correlation of destination, view ward, and hotel...etc.;Tour electronic commerce particularly the field then will share to arrive currently newly arisen tour network marketing outlet and experience and travel electronic commerce carry camp and true war working, still insist travel electronic commerce congress practicality of spirit, for three meet bring practice , economic experience technic. The lecture guest of this conference will invite an information-based tour in advance city tour information center in the office, travel segment, well-known on line of the destination view ward electronic commerce tour enterprise, and travel agency electronic commerce segment etc. related responsible person.In order to ensure the function of conference, the bench Wei will request lecture contents not only have to have the first in of tour electronic commerce the mind and front along with the principle, and will particularly pay attention to practice operability, let three meet since can have an all new entropy of transition on the mind, repaying can make use of it to the per se to travel to go in the actual trade in of electronic commerce.

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