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Raiders safety elderly by bus

Wayn / 2013-12-14
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1, old man proptosis the row go by car to please watch for to shunt high peak to expect. Male delivers high peak to expect time area concentration diagram generally for:Morning 7:009:00, at midday 11:3012:30, 13:3015:00, evening 16:3018:30 embark bus during the period of high peak, the elderly patient and disable and sick person would may meet with to hustle anti inside the car car, on the car unable to find sit - down, easily drive milk wound, fall and hurt to result in an uncaled injury by accident.Therefore, please the elderly patient and disable and sick person avoid embarking a bus during the period of high peak as far as possible. 2, click in the bus stop inside wait a car, should anticipate the old-age calorie of the free riding the bright proptosis make to go by car reserve so much, doing not catch up a car don't make track for a car. For avoid elderly patient and disable and sick person because the proceeding slowness holds up to go by car, please can in advance to wait a car kiosk amalgamation to stick old age to bright proptosis to make to get on the car reserve so much.If fail to catch a car to on no make track for a car, anticipate fall knocking and breaking occurrence accident, the bus drives in the normal down, the in the interval separates time area concentration diagram to grow too much, need not make track for a car but take risk intentionally. 3, should sit on the car steady grasp a prison, wait a car to get off after stopping steady.

The bus real goes unmanned booking, the metropolitan district road is narrow, person many car the polypeptide and traffic congestion , while passing by these, may run into pinching brake or accelerate at any time, the body is easily over balance.

Thereupon suggest on the car that musting sit is steady to grasp a prison.Should sit as far as possible at the elderly patient particularly mount or general view sentimental appeal full to sit under the sistuation that go by car condition allowance to leave to get off in nearer sit - down in the thumb latch, ask don't body any part stretch out a window exoenzyme and need a car to after stopping steady in sequence get off. 4, don't take thing or adjoin to send a kid while going by car. The elderly patient and disable and sick person have already pertained Gao Wei's community while going by car, should have family to escort to accompany in order to Cheap Jordan 10 Shoes prevent is surprised, anti should again assumption shopping purchase the mesitylene, adjoin send the kid's household chores.Once the occurrence is surprised, will lose more than gain, repent the past Mo and. 5, see a doctor at the health building and when the body isn't quite right to go by car must have family to accompany an escort. The body musted have family to accompany an escort while being not quite right or going to the hospital to see a doctor and anticipated go by car an on the way occurrence accident.Being its family must anticipate in this case and let it alone a proptosis row. 6, in the weather under the vile condition.

The not proper proptosis goes. The not proper proptosis row goes by car under the weather conditions, such as heat, chill, strong wind and heavy rain...etc., because at thus the vile weather condition Be next to go, usually generate an outbreak and fall and hurt and induce the probability of cause of disease bigger, taking place the frequemcy of various accident is also higher. 7, go by car, especially up, get off note custody well from have already along with taken of article, carefully prevention of burglary defend to lose. Wish to wish elderly patient and disable and sick person's proptosis to go a safety from the bottom of the heart.

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