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Twenty-seven mayor Peng attended the briefing of the plannin

Wayn / 2013-12-11
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On the antemeridian of August 27, often work assembly room in 27 ward state fifth floors, 27 wards convene peripheral realm layout in the western piazza of depot design the scheme make collective report meet.27 only long Wang Peng, secondary area long Xin Shao He attended to make collective report a meet.Ward battlement township renewal the office, ward invest to help the service center, ward to program branch office, ward realm resource unit related responsible persons, such as China street street office in office, bee street sheet's office and blessing and street street office in Taipei First Boys School...etc., Shanghai homo - Wholesale Air Jordans benefit layout hospital, amid found a nation border design company representative, and rose company dragon, ten thousand ad cliques, open space cliques to represent to attend to make collective report meet.

Will up, Shanghai homo - benefit layout hospital with amid found a nation border design company first made collective report in detail severalty of layout scheme.Subsequence, attend meeting of enterprise and segment the responsible person proposed opinion and submittal for two layout schemes, and vs relevant subject undertake study.Ultimately, 27 only long Wang Peng aims at to program a scheme request:On wanting to clamping depot western piazza for Zheng Zhou central commerce ward, the explicit depot western piazza reforms the sensus of item.Two is a related segment to want with program to design unit to complete a butt joint job, favor completing to program a scheme with all strength.Three is to require a layout to design unit to want from the traffic, capacity and industry state proportion, underground air space, and landscape design...etc., higher - standard, higher - the starting point steer a layout, excellent turn a scheme, complete depot peripheral realm layout in the western piazza.end-->

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