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British naked butler shortage

Wayn / 2013-10-17
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Naked butler company, the waiter all handsome, naked version of the 007 as in most British eyes, the hotel waiter or waiters are usually polite , dress appropriately, but a few years ago , a company Bristol City has launched an astounding ingenuity " naked waiter " business, any party or celebration as long as the proposed location requirements are available from the company to recruit a number of half-naked body naked waiter a tea pouring . I did not expect " naked waiter " actually in short supply in the UK , and even Prince Harry 's girlfriend Chelsea , Queen of England Church sister Princess Michael of Kent all have accepted the " naked waiter " service . The British Cheap Oakley Sunglasses company plans to recruit 150 again this summer , " naked waiter ," It is reported that candidates act as " naked waiter " people from the UK walks of life, and even include bankers and biologists ! Naked nude butler butler became a landscape company reported this headquartered in Bristol City, " naked waiter " the company formally known as "naked butler company" , the company five years ago by the British former Royal Marines Jason Deadeye Court founded , Jason worked in the Gulf and have served in Bosnia and Herzegovina after retirement became a businessman.

It is nearly 40 years old company boss Jason said he and his partner William Jones , Stacy Lyn currently has a total of 150 part-time " naked waiter ," these attendants are often a variety of parties, company celebrations and wedding receptions booking . According to company policy, " naked waiter " upper body must not wear any clothes , only the neck tie with a ribbon tie and collar , despite their lower body will be surrounded by an apron, but the hip was completely exposed to the outside. Jason talks about his " naked waiter " , said: "We hired servant is wearing attire James Bond , we want them very thick skinned , but clean and behavior at the end of evening parties , and guests can also these attendants take pictures, but nothing more , and if they drink too much wine, trying to unlock the waiter aprons , our waiter will politely decline . " was favored by the royal family did not think " naked waiter " service launched in the UK , the even in short supply , and even the British royal family members are on the " naked service " greatly favored . It was reported that Prince Harry 's girlfriend Chelsea found David and a group of friends in a London nightclub , unexpectedly also summoned to the " naked waiter " to provide them with a tea pouring services. Coincidentally, the British Queen 's Hall Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses sister Princess Michael of Kent participated in a charity event, has also been a " naked waiter ," the attentive service . "Naked butler company" spokeswoman Leanne said: " Chelsea and her friend ordered our services, so that a big name of our company , Princess Michael of Kent participated in a charity event, but also to enjoy our waiter makes satisfactory service . " reservation phone was ringing off the hook It is reported that since the" naked waiter " service by the royal family members of all ages , the" naked butler company " phone book soon to be almost " naked service " customers off the hook , and the company's existing 150 " naked waiter " are they in short supply. The company spokesman Lyn said: "We already have 150 staff, but this summer we went to far, still need to recruit another 150 staff ." Lyn said , act as " naked waiter " can get a £ 20 per hour reward, but candidates must have a good physique , handsome looks , in addition to their age must be 21 years old to 35 years old, they look like naked version of the 007 .

All walks of life come to apply surprising that, despite the daunting career apparently a lot of people , but the candidates to act as " naked waiter ," the people have flocked , including actors, dancers , students, coaches, hypnotist , bankers even biologists ! The company spokesman Leen said: "Our staff come from all walks of life , including bankers and biologists ." 23 -year-old Sam Maguire three years studying at the University of Bristol , the candidates act as the company's " naked waiter ", although he has now graduated from college and has a lucrative job , but he still sometimes part-time as " naked waiter " earn some extra pocket money. Sam said: " I ​​have never been so passionate about for a job , I started quite nervous and very shy , but soon look comfortable .. This is definitely an exercise of faith can work ."

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