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The nation 's first : San Francisco Gay TLD Gay.gay acquisit

Wayn / 2013-10-15
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Gay may be more than . com is more popular foreign media reported that San Francisco has become the first direct purchase of new top-level domain from ICANN of the city, the city of San Francisco announced the acquisition Gay.gay spokesman Frank Fadzpecker domain surprising this message overseas external domain boundaries are cause for concern. Frank Fadzpecker said, " When Nike Lebron James Shoes heard recently Gay.xxx and Gay.co two domain names after high trading case , has the largest gay community in the U.S. city of San Francisco also want to win the Gay -related domain names, especially .

Gay new suffix , and ultimately , San Francisco city purchased directly from the hands of the new top-level domain ICANN , which makes us very excited . " in fact , Gay.gay domain name acquisition means that the future control of San Francisco . gay gTLDs , Frank Fadzpecker said domain name has been able to publish two Gay.gay.gay, the current trading price for Gay.gay not been disclosed, netizens speculated that the domain name should be on the trading Lebron James 10 shoes price of 7 digits dollars. Prior to the new top-level domain . Gay apply for the issue, has caused concern in the industry , the domain name will diversify what the future brings ? 

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