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Americans how to describe Adonis

Wayn / 2013-10-15
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Chinese people mostly prefer gentle scholars image, while the Americans are much more like the kind of love sports , physically very strong , have muscle boys, so varsity athletes, especially football ( American football ) team of boys, usually the very popular . This is also one of China-US cultural differences myself ! In the United States , we often hear American girls said "He's so cute! ( He is good Shuaio ! ) " Kind of thing . Here is cute, Wholesale Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses but not handsome, but both mean the same thing , are pretty mean. Americans are accustomed to using just the word cute . Of course, not mean boys are cute oh . Here we look at how to describe these popular boy type. ( 1 ) manly boys (a) masculine (adj.) very manly , there are muscles (b) macho (adj.) are also more manly than masculine , there are muscles eg I love seeing guys work out at the gym because they look so macho and masculine. I love watching the boys in the gym .

I find Antony so beefy! Antony I feel good with meat , oh. (b) buff (adj.) burly burly eg Your boyfriend is buff! He should be a bouncer. your boyfriend good strong ah. He can go to the bar as bodyguards . (c) cut (adj.) very muscular eg Richard is so cut. I can see his six packs through his shirt. Richard Long have muscle oh. Me across his clothes could see his six muscles. (d) ripped (adj.) very muscular , you can see a piece of muscle with a vascular eg I've been working out with weight's for months and now I'm ripped. several months I've been lifting weights Fitness , and now I have a very obvious muscles. Note: cut and ripped almost the same, but not the same , and beefy , beefy muscle is not so obvious, and ripped muscles is a very obvious one . Americans care about the build of their bodies ( the Americans very seriously physique ) .

They appreciate the masculine, macho ( manly , have muscle boys ) . A lot of people go to the gym early age to develop the habit of (work out at the gym). They do not like pale and flabby ( muscle relaxation ) of the boys . Of course, muscular does not mean that they have no brains . Americans, both men and women to work out for fashion , so that people who do not work out Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses a little bit behind the times yet. ( 3 ) overall handsome hunk argument (a) hunk (n.) Standard macho dudes eg That Bruce Willis is such a hunk! Bruce Willis is really a hunk ! (b) stud (n.) standard macho guy, but also flirting with the ladies favor. eg Have you checked out that new stud at the beach? Have you been to "muscle beach " Look at that emerging super sexy muscular guy ? Note: 1. Hunk and stud are handsome , but they have another manly physique . In particular stud, intended species of cattle, stallion , so some sexually suggestive meaning. But the United States can be called stud boys dream Oh . 2. Muscle beach: Americans care about their physique, while the nation's most concerned about the muscle where it is probably California Los Angeles , Los Angeles, because there is much that can show muscle beach .

There will be a lot of beaches fitness area , put some weight machines , horizontal bar , etc. , for your work out. These special fitness area on the beach is muscle beach. Tips: Chivalry is not dead. Meaning of this sentence is : chivalry is not reduced . Chivalry is the middle age ( Middle Ages ) chivalry . In addition to a good knight sword , or the female courteous gentleman . Girls are like gentlemen, then , fellow men , when a knight ( knight ) now ! eg He always holds the door open for ladies. He is such a gentleman. ladies he always will help open the door . He is really a gentleman.

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