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NeilBarrett0809 autumn and winter series of ski inspiration

Wayn / 2013-10-12
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On the 13th , Milan Ticinese canal side an old brick warehouse structure Warriors staged a ski expedition ceremony. Neil Barrett take inspiration in ski clothes , to his 0809 men's winter series added a rather masculine movement modifiers . With open wire quilting jacket fake two plus wool Chinese Dani tight ski pants , coupled with precise calculation of the open air pocket , clever zipper decoration , and then a little decorative silk nylon fabric, flannel board feet small set Cheap Oakley Sunglasses of motorcycle boots , it appears that Neil did not really want these guys to catch up with snow , otherwise such a compact design makes them reluctant stepped Snowboard, and direct trot down . Coveted sheepskin coat washed its beautiful , hand- rubbing washing folds seemed hidden tales , matched with lamb lapel , vintage shirt and small tie , really somewhat forgotten before rendering theme.

After several sets of women's interludes , do the old multi-purpose waterproof fabric cape coats and rain appear , letting the snow back to the vagaries of the rain in front of people . In the big topic during the demonstration , Neil also spared no effort to show his unique fashion vest and suit tailoring, fully showcase an edgy urban fashion men's qualities , combined with the whole show was full of heavy metal music with strong rhythm, design and performance Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses wrapped up a degree of relaxation , a sense of considerable intensity .

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