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The new Internet advent ethnic clan are turned

Wayn / 2013-10-11
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In the " naked marriage family ", " squeezed family" , "house slaves" , "child slaves ", " Benben family" and other popular ethnic network, in 2010 , the Internet has Jingxian a new ethnic group , " this clan ." Loaded, quickly swept the "zero Pa family" , it simply is no pressure family, because they can be a healthy attitude , calm face of the pressures of urban life is known . Network with other ethnic groups compared to the smash hit , " this clan " is the only one success out of the city stress, comfortable walk around them instead of their ethnic networks . That Wholesale Ray-Ban Active Lifestyle Sunglasses is why, " this clan " to become the most respected network of family friends . It is understood that " this clan " are now available at the beginning of an article entitled " Quotations from this clan league call-up orders " network hot quote, the quote appeared in the network, immediately caused many users to resonance. Since then, many users crazy reproduced and sought under the " clan are " network search volume increased exponentially , quickly swept the Internet. Alternative network groups and the " house slaves family" , " Benben family" , "naked marriage family " and other network different ethnic , clan are no longer under the weight of society "victim " image appears , but with an optimistic , confident, positive attitude towards life and sought to get the attention of Internet users .

This is the " clan are " able to stand out from the many ethnic groups an important factor . In the rich " house slaves ", " child slaves" Today , everyone in the community struggling under the weight . And " this clan " is undoubtedly a breeze over the surface , to provide people with an alternative survival program . "Active , enterprising, great wisdom to look at life , do not follow the crowd ." This is the netizen Ray-Ban Active Lifestyle Sunglasses" lobular " convert " clan are " the main reason . In fact , for many things must be considered as " zero Pascal family" has a different view. Take home buyers , the blind enough room has become prevalent in today's Chinese society morbid phenomenon , a lot of people to buy a house has become a top priority . And " this clan " to buy a house in the face of problems , it is rational and practical trade-offs , and then make a choice.

They will not force himself too much , struggling to repay to make ourselves into a quagmire . This is the " this clan " and would not let set for them not value the house dragged his entire youth . Widely sought after , but the threshold is too high , " will be able to have children when the child slaves , would like to be able to buy a house when the house slaves , but this clan is not so good when ." Friends leaflets said. She believes that , although this clan looks very chic with ease, but if you want to become a qualified " this clan " is not easy . Speaking through friends we can see that more people on the " clan are " just envy and longing , in reality, they can not do so " vulgarity ." User Chun Tsai said: " A lot of people are envious of this clan , but can not do it while it is the" clan are "charm ."

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