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Fashion show, you should see Diansha ?

Wayn / 2013-10-07
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Brothers , when looking at fashion shows are usually laymen . Perhaps in the eyes of some people : fashion show, is a group dressed in strange clothes , the men and women painted with strange makeup walked in the T stage . Actually, there is not. Of course , in a sense point of view, you can say that. But in those who walked among strange , you should be able to harvest a lot of things - whether it is live , televised , or even just some photos of the T station . These demonstrations , but decided to buy your future direction and fashion taste the best, most Cheap Nike Air jordan shoes effective help. So, now hurry to see the show with us to learn some tips about it. Thus, whether it is a chance to live , or just see fashion magazines , you will no longer feel like reading " bible " as difficult , boring it.

Zegna 2009 Spring New York show to identify a single product and color may have a lot of clothes we wear and the shape does not look like it , but remember that these shapes , remember that this is the latest fashion clothes. Put down the shape of the problem , we will not speak , you must first understand the need to work out , it should be the whole theme of the show . Like, in Zegna 2009 Spring New York show floor, we obviously can see a lot of use of light-colored Jordan Retro 1 Shoes suit , What does this mean ? This shows that the commercial suits, in light of this spring and summer will be the trend of a comeback. We will also take into account in the summer , with a waterproof , breathable fabric capacity will account for the mainstream market. As another example, in Scotland 09 Spring Fashion Week , we saw a lot of orange applications What does this mean ? Yes, of course, is orange This " temperament affected by the fall of 1970 Colors" will become a main spring and summer colors. At least in Scotland .

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