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Fantastic Man 09 Summer Journal of the cover : Bret Easton E

Wayn / 2013-10-07
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FANTASTIC MAN this magazine you may not be familiar , give us a presentation . This magazine from Amsterdam, is the founder of Jop Van Benneko and Gert Jonkersm, the famous "RE-MAGAZINE" and "BUTT" are from their handwriting. This three largest magazine in common Cheap Nike Air jordan shoes is "innovation" , an innovative men's fashion magazine , innovative shape magazine , innovative erotic magazines . Many people have seen magazine "FANTASTIC MAN" will be feeling after "Oh, magazines can do ."

This magazine and every character seems to have nothing to do with fashion , and even they do not care about fashion, but they all have their own style taste ! Following Tom Ford, "Caligula" ( History of the Roman Empire erotic ) Directed by Francesco Vezzo boarded the cover of the magazine after the publication of the latest spring and summer 2009 publication cover , invited creative "American Psycho" ( American Psychiatric patients ) writer Bret Easton Ellis. Zhang Jing by photographer Jeff Burton , writer Tom Ford wearing a sweater and a Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt . March 7, 1964 , Bret Easton Ellis was born in Los Angeles , he is a famous American writer ( some of his short stories are very well-known ) , most of his works have been changed into a movie , which most notably " American Psycho "( American Psychiatric patients ) . Gert Jonkersm explains founder "FANTASTIC MAN" the cause, said: " Several years ago, we suddenly found on the market without a fashion magazine is to make us happy .

Fashion falling into the hands of the media , has become one just about the different brands, different star unreasonable things , everyone almost forgot fashion in the end what is going on ! nor is there any fashion magazine is for little old man , I said that a group in his early thirties . Jordan Retro 1 Shoes everyone will encounter moment - from boys into men . what you wear , in fact, how you go to 'Edit' your body. thirty-somethings looking for a fashion magazine with nearly forty to look different. doing fashion magazines must be Specific, I believe we did it . "" Fantastic Man " and even the fashion texture are made ​​out:" magazine paper are the key , I do not SHINY, not Glossy PAPER, we use paper , it feels like TEXTIlE , is in touch with fashion on a contact if the art is the attention to detail meant to say , we are making such details . " picture :" Fantastic Man "2009 spring Archive total No. 9 Photographer : Jeff Burton people : Bret Easton Ellis

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