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Godfrey shooting print ads for the LV legs cards to play Bub

Wayn / 2013-10-05
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Higher - with soar for Wholesale Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses 2011 of the spring summer men's wear take an advertisement focal point, some other day previous special lightly take off clothing Shan for reader of 《apple 》 , present to public a macho man to take a bath campaign show, but 195 grams are higher when he takes a bath too lengthways stick in the bathtub because of the leg.Higher - with soar a dew point, dew in the 2nd protrait book 《Paris meets you 》 section trench, reveal sex appeal, but he has already been issued order by the commission company in addition to the protrait gathers prohibit a dew point, he saw the drama that 《my line up lover 》 and Chen Ting Ni plays in the advance sea in R.O.C recently, intentionally the hands embrace thoracic cavity to defend to walk to expose.Is previous 2 protraits gathering size have already arrived a dew point, dew section trench, next protrait gathers have to not completely nude go into lens?He says:"If the art for clapping is 1 points, I will consider." does exercise to keep fit the proportion breathing flow sexy breather voice with that the workout keeps shape moulding of he, campaign before value a warm body, will come to 15-20 minutes first.

Tie piece, warm up, avoid a Sports Injuries, interesting match with breathing while being him campaigning, will utter repeatedly a breather voice, the stirring Xia thinks.From the Wu work in normal times the site all not necessarily so have a xyst uncertain, therefore he does an unlimited space, unlimited prop, everywhere doable campaign.Higher - with soar to often commit push-ups and sit-up to do a pectoralis, abdominal muscle most , he recommends 3 kinds of train Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses of push-ups, can train lateral and seamy side pectoralis, don't even pass"enterprise wire".He emphasizes:"To match with breathing while acting.

Bottom and loins want to tie set plumb, 3 motions are each to commit 10 times, take a break, again repeat 3-4 times then." higher - with soar workout over after, love most shower bath to take a bath Shu to press, 195 grams are higher him aqua, seem to be bathtub too small, let him have difficult foot to stretch, he says:"The bathtub of my home is also not enough big, but I am still hard bleb." he deeply fears before the thoracic cavity "sterigma azuki bean" to peep out a head and hurriedly cover with the bubbles.

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