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Fast men six physical home Big Secret

Wayn / 2013-10-04
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Wei in Hunan sees quick male six enter five competition drew on numerous visions of cellophane noodles, the final Yu Hao shed tears to quit satge clearly.Happy male the voice compare what?Compare sound, compare sing work, compare dance a skill, compare superficies ……also want than the cellophane noodles, than the scandal and than the chit in addition ……still have, compare wealth.Who is a glorious dress beautiful dress, who is a grass indogen is one family?The reporter takes you to uncover quick male six strong wealth secrets.Revive a characteristics on . The home is substantial bottom and stay ocean 7 yearses and behaviour low key, the high-quality idol of style complete diathesis counterbalance.Once attended for 05 years from five joy the battlement and Lin Xi cooperated to sponsor of Bole star challenge match, and won Cheap Nike Air jordan shoes to divide the champion of standing the match.And then again at win for 06 years world Chinese people's new talent sing to compete champion in Sydney, and acquire the good performance of in the sixth place in the total finals of Hong Kong.Although be asked and home condition, just once took by light"all of my parentses are do business", however revived the body has to let up paying no attention a baron air for showing unintentionally we in tying this back of"business" a huge exclamation mark.Is 34 years old then be sent into abroad, enzymology of incredibly still burn cabbage anti darned music profession.

These in addition to the farsighted superior insight that marks father Su's mother Su, most can explain perhaps is the home bottom of xu's home Be getting more substantial.Click to review:In a low-key way let"Qian Dui comes out of temper" of his body became amenity but isn't an arriviste', let he vs a lot of"comity"s of matters became a family training well but not make a show.But make him always keep feeling of being apart from with others in a low-key way.The No.04 Yu Hao clear characteristics:Come of a decent family, personality gentleness, amiability but again like to cry of lovely kid.The model is three little prince and lovely children in homo - half family.Financial situation although the Jordan Retro 1 Shoes being unlike to revive a sort wealth is thick, at quick male various strong nautical mile also already no man can compare(just think energy drive financial turmoil impact of the family has how much ar -!).Study in a widely outside skill to adjust the piano now profession.Yu little prince not only family training very good, and have never been subjected to too many frustrations and contamination.Participation takes the advertisement that super - Nokia studies machine to take a , and once with cycle pen Chang homo - the stand contested.But the little prince of this keep nautical mile recently but was exploded a proptosis to once is the foundin of welfare hospital, quare I guess this kid since the childhood cried a voice must be very moving, with as for even if be repudiated by the parents, God or threw him to the home of Ta-f of healthily and happily grow up in sweet canister.Click to review:Nobody clear why the Yu Hao can walk to whole country clearly 6 strong, knows to be him, the delicate and touching wet eye whirlingly appears coram, and absolute no one is unfeeling to make him quit.However happy male the voice is ultimately real strenght to contest, the Yu Hao clear classmate shed tears to quit yesterday quick male satge.No.06 Zhang Jie's characteristics:Is unassailable sound, talent show satge up do of the palatine bone of sheet copper iron, attend my pattern I show thus far the extremely high popularity of the accumulation, and the lawsuit helps with the scandal an array, Zhang Jie is absolutely a quick male nautical mile everyone the surface agent evolve the most "overall" contestant.Want to realize what call grass indogen prince, come right away the growth history of looking Zhang Jie.

The financial situation is needy, the tone, pattern of the sounds of nature show champion, treachery wind wave and happy male voice, string together these keywords, would be a Zhang Jie current life locus.From the first, Zhang Jie doesn't run on - line in the same vesication with other contestant.Pattern the addition that shows a champion, thank Nuo. He Jyong(is latest to watch, personal accident location file), and Li Xiang...etc. popular in succession station come out towing force stand, even spread scandals all regardless the sacrifice.And these are openly defiant act, besides which, secretly backing Zhang Jie still big someone at, as early as mix a vestige in Chengdu tommy shop that several years, he acquainted with very much with Wang Zheng Liang, quick good etc. of Cai Si Tao , Zhang Jing Ying(is latest to watch, personal accident location file) and Ji, all of these people are invisible Zhang Jie's backs helps.But the at the cutset is magnificent and victorious"the Pan escapes" the wind wave make him really give offense to many people inside the industry.Click to review:Cast Zhang Jie of the field of quick male of body to have potential at must of greed and real strenght, but when the technic replaced affection, Zhang Jie has already more and more canned not affect the review committees.No.09 Chen Chu livings a characteristics:Is cool-headed is good, Chu Chu is moving and living an anti interest and still embrace Chu's childe of pipa quasi vagabond.Chen Chu livingsed then a person to begin tommy shop halting to sing a subsistence behind guitar's back at the age of 17.Before taking part in a happy boy.

Chen Chu's livinging is the important actors of famous Shenzhen tommy shop in the tommy shop-true colors, it is said that the this person has personality, the in re guest clicks to sow of the full isn't the song of he or she style all to can't sing dismissal it.The gossip concerning Chu's childe mainly has two, one break up for he having already knotted child born in wedlock), its wife is still a local and well-known shuttering especially Luo Xiang Jin, behind for 2 people of enterprise;Two is the some well-known record company that he in fact has already made a contract to mark the res as some ball.Gossip true or false sans from research, but his original song is popular to is truth in the region.Moreover his sing on stage antecedents unlike Zhang Jie even is inferior to, get to hold in the long sand for Asia music knot"have the Qian guilder New appointee award most " in super - Shanghai and 03 yearses of pub singer big prize match champion;When lead a televsion station host of Shenzhen, and Li Xiang, the gold sea core homo - the stand once performed, is absolutely the music person who has small reputation in Shenzhen!Click to review:Rare growth Chen Chu under the dusk light living a body top but the slightest have no singer in tommy shop's"flow air", the orotund temper is still so clear and very clear.But if say that the low key that revive is a temper appointment, Chen Chu livings of low key then the soul appoint.No.10 Wei morning characteristics:The gorgeous treble with no Wang Li Xin there is also no Wang Xi exclusvie bass and describe Wei for morning singing's quite the cheese earth's perhaps wanting is "comfortable" two wordses.None arrogant while singing but very sincere, the satge is probably not enough gorgeous but can affect a person.Now for Chuan tone big three pupillary Wei's morningses in fact take part in a game antecedents already very abundant.Once took the ninth Chinese inland finals to Asian New appointee singer to get an excellent New appointee award of award, Asian match ward of big match gold of Asian New appointee singer of gold award and 06 years, and attended super - Yang to see a green song match to wait many competitions.Is clearly similar to the Yu Hao, Wei's morning is also a kid who grows up in the glass house.Read college of music and become a singer to imitate a Buddha is family to adjust good road for him.It is said that before taking part in a quick male and competing, mother Wei once weighed a gold retainer's professional beak the morning is to the Wei"turned on sterigma cooking stove", but that professional beak is exactly the contestant of the same match ward Wang Zheng Liang.Look at the time that Wang Zheng Liang walked Wei's morning cried so pear to spend to take rain and afraid of this speech not and falsely.Click to review:Very oddness though competing experience is thus abundant, Wei morning at quick male"Qie idea" of the satge is still thus obvious.He develops the most unsteady seem to be also to relate to mental diathesis.《South plate night bell 》 tactfully floating, 《the moonlight in the battlement 》 is pure and clean, can 《good heart feeling 》 unexpectedly can run to adjust to run to e. four cyclo -s, even make track for drivings anti up, is really a too much to bear.No.13 Ji hero's characteristics:6 strong nautical mile exclusvie minority, the big cool mountain comes out of music king.Arrogant no man energy of the satge enemy, the outside Qi gold gets of wealth make people jealous, and age subject and"return not to go out" the event also win to make him have been standing at tuyere wave point on.It is said that Ji the hero is again a to enter 500 strong outside Qis after the local Yi family gathers to reside ward or has influence, therefore he attends central race university the not too difficult affair is also.From the first, Ji the hero nowise palliate to own wealth, gold in Shanghai gets, has house to have the car, diamond the pronoun that became him of Wang Lao's 51 kilowatt hours.Feasance a n for once sponsoring is many sponsors of singing performances, the Ji taking part in a game of hero has been being doubted being a commerce churning with good scheme.Click to review:From aetio the man of pure pursuance music dream arrive a current topic to wrap a body, Ji hero give human feel to have already more and more deviated original railroad track.Believe his returning not only as to it's his contestant, more all has a kind of immaterial compressive force by himself to him.Under this kind of compressive force, the Ji hero's singing has already been getting more stale.

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