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Brands and the Quest for Meaning

Wayn / 2013-09-29
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We are compelled in the trade of Girvin to explore the hearts, minds, emotions and passions of business enterprise. To understand any business, Cheap Oakley Sunglasses any commercial engagement, there has to be a reach into the heart. It's commonsense to say "if there's a group of people working together, then what drives them forward, and why should others either connect, embrace, work with, share or purchase from / with this brand?"


Over the course of the last number of months, much of the work that we've been engaged in gets to the idea of the soul and the meaning of brands. Brands, being made by people for people, this would be a fundamental problem something to explained and explored as the very heart, the centering principles of a Oakley Active Glasses. Surely there are other overtones like, most fundamentally "we need money to survive." But there are lots of ways to make money, so that's almost an operational theorem passing valuables to engineer survival. We wouldn't discount the nature of surviving as a core driver, but the distinction to actually "surviving" brands live in the community of their sustaining power. If the soul of the brand is making money, then the soulfulness of the relationship will be fundamentally based on just that: "cash." That's a point but it's not differentiating the relationship is sustained only on the character of transaction.
Brands beyond the core genetics of transaction have deeper values and principles that will build the legacy of community and connectedness. It's more than "give me something."

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