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A New View

Wayn / 2013-09-25
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SARAH BURTONhas reiteratedAlexander McQueen's attention to detail, uniquevision and sense of originality, as she recalls some of his mostwell known collections. Burton is currently one of fashion's mosttalked about figures, having been tipped to designKate Middleton's wedding dress, as well asbeing the latest name in the frame for the Dior job.

"The [autumn/winter 2006-07] collection was about the1745 massacre of the Scottish Jacobites by the English, which Leefelt so passionately about because of his Scottish family heritage,which his mother had researched," she explains. "The Cheap Jordan Retro shoes women were thewidows of the slaughtered army. This dress was actually based on mywedding dress - I got married two years earlier. We had to figureout how to make lace work in the round with those ruffles becauseLee hated gathering. So we cut out all of the flowers from the laceand reappliquéd it on tulle to make our own fabric. This is thecollection most people remember as the one withKate Moss in a hologram. Oh, my God, it was sobeautiful. He loved that show."

In honour of the Met's new tribute exhibition to McQueen-Savage Beauty - the designer, spoke ofhow her former boss impressively wove his seasonal themes intoevery aspect of his collection.

"So much of the [spring/summer 2001-02] show was about thecollective Jordan Retro women shoes madness of the world. It was presented in a two-waymirrored glass box in London, and the girls had bandaged heads,acting like inmates of a mental asylum," Burton tells USVogue. "Lee wanted the top of this dress to be made fromsurgical slides used for hospital specimens, which we found in amedical-supply shop on Wigmore Street. Then we hand-painted themred, drilled holes in each one, and sewed them on so they lookedlike paillettes. We hand-painted white ostrich feathers anddip-dyed each one to layer in the skirt."

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